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1Find a domain name, buy it, host it, install WordPress on it. Install a custom theme and plugins. Basic image and user management skills included. We’ll teach you every basic task required to get a new site up and running – step by step.



2Learn about relating content and content curation, forms creation, creating intro videos and embedding videos, managing graphics, sitemaps, and Google Analytics. Fundamental guide to securing your computer and WordPress in eight lessons.



3Let us teach you how to research keywords and customer demographics. Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), site layout, conversion tactics, banner ads, and using social proof. Nine lessons devoted to email List Building.



4Brand your site in your customers’ minds. Use the power of color, custom logos, and mascots to create a memorable web experience. Learn how to use a powerful SEO plugin, set up your RSS Feed, use social tactics to delight your visitors.


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